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The $75 Ultimate Gift 🎁
The $75 Ultimate Gift 🎁
The $75 Ultimate Gift 🎁

The $75 Ultimate Gift 🎁

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This box of goodies comes with 12 items valued at $75.00 for only $53.00! This box comes with a reusable coffee cup and the following items:

  1. AmorUs Highlight & Contour Brush
  2.  AmorUs Duo Shadow Blending Brush
  3. Beauty Creations Floral Bloom Eye Palette
  4. Beauty Creations Blending Sponge
  5. Bella Forever Cucumber Setting Spray
  6.  AmorUs All out Sexy Mascara
  7.  Beauty Creations Flawless Stay Hydrating Primer
  8. Bella Forever Black Eyeliner 
  9. Bella Forever Banana Setting Powder
  10.  Italia Baked Highlighter
  11.  AmorUs Clear Eyeshadow Primer
  12. Beauty Treats lip oil roller